Off post Housing information for Camp Casey Donducheon, Camp Red Cloud, and Camp Stanley   Uijeongbu
Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) Information
Trash and garbage collect system
Electric bill estimate
Off post Housing information for Camp Casey Donducheon, Camp Red Cloud, and Camp Stanley Uijeongbu
Uijeongbu (Camp Red Cloud) and Donducheon (Camp Casey) are now authorized two year tour lengths. Gen. Sharp support this tour length policy change by maximizing two-year accompanied tours in Area 1. It is ensured service members are aware of the fact certain benefits normally associated with command sponsorship are limited in Uijeongbu (CRC) and Dongducheon (Casey). Among the limitations like housing, schools, medical, POV, Child development service, PX, Housing has the following limitation.

ㆍ Camp Red Cloud (Uijoengbu) or Casey (TDC) don’t have family housing fo command sponsored families and must rely on the private sector to support the housing requirement. Service members elected a command sponsored tour in Area1 will receive Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) for Area1 at the with dependent rate, be authorized shipment of 50% of their household goods, and have logistical support from the Housing referral support will be provided to assist service members and their families to locate suitable private rental house, with lease negotiations and with translations services and landlord/tenant dispute resolution.

ㆍ United States Army Garrison-Yongsan (USAG-Yongsan) in Area2 will support a limited number of command sponsored families from Area 1.
Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) Information
OHA was implemented to give military personnel assigned to overseas locations an allowance based on the difference between a member’s BAQ and the actual rent a member pays, not to exceed the maximum ceiling established for the area.
A supplemental amount for utilities, maintenance, and moving-in costs is also authorized. The OHA payment ceiling may fluctuate based on monetary conversion rates.
To establish your entitlement to OHA, You must present a copy of housing allowance application endorsed by your command.
If you share the residence with one or more people, monthly rent from your agreement is divided by that number.
If you are buying a home, divide the actual purchase price by 120 to obtain the equivalent monthly rent figure.
Trash and garbage collect system
Do not put food trash in normal trash bag except the following: fish , crab, shellfish and animal bone, seed, herb remedy Trash (compost) and fruit peelings. Do not put vinyl bag or non food trash in food trash collection can. Trash collectors do not collect mixed food and normal trash!!

1. All trash and garbage must be segregated into recyclable and disposable trash.
2. Disposable trash must be placed in designated trash collection points or bins.
3. Personnel in violation of the new policy will be fined as follows:
a. \ 50,000 for trash bags that are tied improperly.
b. \ 100,000 for trash not placed in authorized bags
c. \ 1,000,000 for trash placed anywhere other than designated collection points or bins.
4. Price of trash bags are as follows:
- For normal trash bags
- For wet (food scrap) trash bags
10 liter bag (20 bags) - \
20 liter bag (20 bags) - \11,000
50 liter bag (10 bags) - \12,500
100 liter bag (10 bag) - \25,000
Trash bags may be purchased from local markets, cigarette stores, etc.
5. Please help reduce trash and improve the natural environment. Follow the law.

Electric bill estimate

  The Utilities or electric cost for KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Company), off post housing works like this:
The Utilities or electric cost for KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Company), off post housing works like this:

Up to 100kWh residents pay about 55won per KW
100KW to 200KW residents pay 113.80won per KW
201 KW to 300 KW residents pay 168.30won per KW
301 KW to 400 KW residents pay 248.60won per KW
401 KW to 500 KW residents pay 366.40won per KW
501 KW to above residents pay 643.90won per KW

Most 45 pyong off post housing uses 300 to 400 KW per month without A/C. With it can add up to 500 KW or above very easy.
On top of those electric fees, KEPCO charge usage fee which is flat rate and it differs by what type of building and Where you live. Example the usage fee for single residents or small complex is much higher than apartment complex.
Larger the complex area, less individual have to pay for usage.
The exact amount and how they are broken down is Actually shown in back of their electric bill.
They can bring in their bill and have someone translate it.
Instruction for filling out standard form 1190 foreign allowance
Fill out the following items completely.

Agency (Army, Navy, etc.)
Enter the Travel Order Number (except when renewing or movement of quarters)
Enter the city of your duty station
Date you reported to your duty station
If Applicable
Self-explanatory (Include Duty Phone)
Fill in all of the blocks completely.
If applicable
Leave Blank
18a. Leave Blank
18b. Leave Blank
19a. Check either checking or saving
Name of the Bank
Bank Address
Routing Number
Account Number
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21. Sign and Date
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