Winterization guideline: preventive measures for wintertime pipe freezing
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Winterization guideline: preventive measures for wintertime pipe freezing

Below is a short list of things you can do this winter to prevent frozen and ruptured pipes in your apartment.

1.   On days that the temperature is or is expected to be at or below 14F, please use your washing machine as little as possible in order to keep the inside of your machine free of water. And when you don’t use the washing machine, please turn off the water and separate the hose from it.

2.   When the temperature is at or below freezing, please restrain from using water systems located on balconies where pipes are prone to freeze.

3.   If you have any plan to be out for the day, please do not turn off your heating system.  We ask you to maintain your boiler at a minimum temperature in order to prevent inadvertent freezing of the hypocaust system and associated piping system. Especially during the extremely cold season.

4.   Each apartment is equipped with a water pump which is located in the unit entrance hallway. Please do not make any adjustments to the pump and try to maintain the pre-gauged condition.

5.   Please don’t turn off the main switch of the circuit box.

6.   Please close all windows in the hallway and your balcony windows to keep the temperature.

7.   Please make the sink water run down ( Hot water side) to prevent frozen ( Hot water pipe line is easy to freezing than cold water pipe line ).


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