First, Find property near by School or Work place for children
   And check how many rooms, bathroom, living room and etc. Also, when you can move-in..

   Easy access.
   Popular place is more expensive than other places.
   Young workers are prefer to modern Apt near by entertainment, shopping, restaurant etc..
Already built house
   According to whether it is behind the times or not, About 3%~5% you can negotiate with owner..

New property
   You may pay Holding Deposit to builder in a 1 month..
Entrust a lawyer with contract (we recommend).
You may receive all information and documents of property from seller..
You can lend insufficient money. Please ask to our broker separately..
When you ask for a loan, Mortgage company set the value of the property correctly.
A lender will pay Survey fee..
The mortgage company passes loaned money to seller through the lawyer..
Lawyer keeps an accurate account.
Finally, Exchange written contracts for each other.
After receive key, move-in.