Status of Guam Investment value of Guam Guam Project
Status of Guam
Location Characteristics
Guam is now an American territory.

In accordance with the Federal Law, People who were born in Guam or have lived in Guam are American.

Because of a tropical climate, 1,300,000 tourist visit Guam a year.
So Tourism has brought a huge influx of wealth into the country.

Investment value of Guam
1. Investment returns ? valuable future, secure rent

2. Political stability, friendly locals, indiscriminate for immigrants

3. Continuous growth of population and economy

4. According to the dollar declines, Many Japanese, European, Canadian are actively put money in Guam.

5. Low crime rate, Good education circumstance

6. High quality of life (You can enjoy nature and climate)
Guam Project
The selection of a site

- DeDemo : It’s near by Tumon bay

- Large shopping mall, Fastfood restaurants , Banks are in this neighborhood.

- One third of Guam’s population live in this area.

- You can enjoy ocean view.( The most popular area for investor)
Construction plan

We will construct like a upper picture.
The house we will construct a state-of-the-art and luxurious interior includes a fenced-off garden, pool and golf links.

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